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“Before, my son had Medicaid, but I didn’t. Now with
HIPP, our whole family has health insurance.”

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Rates and Coverage

  • What is a Summary of Benefits?

    It shows how much your insurance will pay for different medical bills.

  • How can I get a copy of my Summary of Benefits?

    Ask your employer for a copy.

  • What is a rate sheet?

    It shows the amount you pay each month for your insurance – your premiums.

  • How can I get a copy of the rate sheet?

    Ask your employer for a copy.

  • Can I use my pay stub for proof of rates?

    No. We must have a copy of your rate sheet. Ask your employer for a copy.

  • When do I need to send HIPP a rate sheet?

    We will need your Employer-Sponsored Insurance plan’s latest rate sheet when you first apply. We also need it every time you reapply for HIPP.

  • What if my insurance rate changes?

    Let us know as soon as possible. Keeping your HIPP records up to date helps us send payments to you on time. We will need a rate sheet from your employer.

  • Can HIPP pay for COBRA?

    COBRA is a type of health insurance you can get if you leave a job where you had insurance. Send us your COBRA rates. We will look at the rates and let you know if you can join HIPP.

  • What is an Explanation of Benefits?

    This is a statement that shows the:

    • Type of medical service.
    • Date of service.
    • Amount paid by the insurance.
    • Amount paid by the patient.